What Changes in the Figs and Olives - Figs Soaked in Olive Oil Benefits

What Changes in the Body are Caused by the use of Figs and Olives – Figs Soaked in Olive Oil Benefits


What Changes in the Body are Caused by the use of Figs and Olives – Figs Soaked in Olive Oil Benefits

Figs are also called the fruit of paradise, it is a blessing for the weak and emaciated people, medical experts say that eating figs daily can control obesity. Figs are healthy and have immense benefits. Fruit is, experts say, obese people should eat four to five figs a day, which is enough for the body needs calories. Figs contain protein, minerals, sugars, calcium, and phosphorus. Both figs, dried and moist, are rich in vitamins A and C. Vitamins B and D are in small amounts. Due to these ingredients, figs are a useful food medicine. Its use strengthens bones. It contains ingredients such as steel, calcium and phosphorus. Experts say that one fig meets 2% of the human body’s need for iron. Figs also contain certain types of calories. Therefore, people who want to lose weight must use figs, because a fig has only 47 calories. Proven to be very useful in restoration. Potassium-rich figs can lower blood pressure. The antioxidants in figs are more standard than any other fruit and these compounds excrete substances that target the blood vessels. In addition, these antioxidants also help prevent cancer.(benefits of soaked figs)


انجیر اور زیتون کے استعمال سے جسم میں کیا تبدیلیاں آتی ہیں – انجیر کو زیتون کے تیل میں بھگونے کے فوائد

انجیر کو جنت کا پھل بھی کہا جاتا ہے، یہ کمزور اور دبلے پتلے لوگوں کے لئے نعمت بیش بہا ہے، ماہرین طب کا کہنا ہے کہ روزانہ انجیر کھانے سے موٹاپے پر قابو پایا جا سکتا ہے۔انجیر صحت بخش اور بے پناہ فوائد کا حامل پھل ہے، ماہرین کا کہنا ہےکہ موٹاپے سے تنگ افراد دن میں انجیر کے چار سے پانچ دانےکھائیں، جو جسم کو درکار کیلوریز کے لئے کافی ہیں۔ انجیر کے اندر پروٹین، معدنی اجزاء شکر کیلشیم، فاسفورس پائے جاتے ہیں، دونوں انجیر یعنی خشک اور تر میں وٹامن اے اور سی کافی مقدارمیں ہوتے ہیں۔ وٹامن بی اور ڈی قلیل مقدار میں ہوتے ہیں، ان اجزاءکے پیش نظر انجیر ایک مفید غذائی دوا کی حیثیت رکھتا ہے۔ اسکا استعمال ہڈیوں کو مضبوط بناتا ہے۔ اس میں فولاد‘ کیلشیم اور فاسفورس جیسے اجزاءشامل ہیں، ماہرین کا کہنا ہے کہ ایک انجیر انسانی جسم کو درکار فولاد کی دو فیصد ضرورت کو پوری کرتا ہے۔انجیر میں کچھ خاص قسم کی کیلوریز بھی پائی جاتی ہیں۔ لہذا وہ لوگ جو اپنا وزن گھٹانا چاہتے ہیں انجیر کا ضرور استعمال کریں،کیوں کہ ایک انجیر میں صرف 47 کیلوریز ہوتی ہیں۔خون کے دباؤ کا شکار افراد کے جسم میں سوڈیم اور پوٹاشیم کی سطح متناسب نہیں رہتی اور انجیر کا استعمال اس متناسب کو بحال کرنے میں نہایت مفید ثابت ہوا ہے. پوٹاشیم سے بھرپور انجیر بلڈپریشر کو کم کر سکتی ہے۔انجیر میں شامل اینٹی آکسائیڈینٹ کسی بھی دیگر پھل کی نسبت زیادہ معیاری ہوتے ہیں اور یہ مرکبات ایسے مادوں کو خارج کر دیتے ہیں، جو خون کی نالیوں کو نشانہ بناتے ہیں۔ اس کے علاوہ یہ اینٹی آکسائیڈینٹ کینسر سے بچاؤ کا بھی موجب ہیں۔


Figs and a Healthy Sex Life

Adam and Eve broadly utilized fig leaves to conceal their exposure. Unbeknownst to them at the time was the way that this little stalwart food is really a characteristic sexual enhancer that might have prodded the couple into pushing off their recently imagined clothing. Figs trees are individuals from the mulberry family local to Western Asia. Their organic product, the fig, has turned into a famous tidbit that individuals appreciate both new and dried. It is loaded with a wide range of merchandise things including specific amino acids that have been viewed as equipped for expanding your sex drive.(figs soaked in water overnight for weight loss)

This is the way the fig can help your sex drive:

Brings down Your Cholesterol

The fig is a fantastic wellspring of fiber and everybody realizes that you want fiber, particularly solvent fiber, to keep you LDL cholesterol levels down. The skin of the fig is stacked with gelatin, a particularly useful for of fiber. Fiber additionally assists with keeping you ordinary and help your stomach related framework. This converts into better wellbeing which then, at that point, prompts better sex.(soaked dry figs benefits)

Unsaturated fats

Alongside fiber, figs are likewise high in omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fats notwithstanding phenol. These fundamental unsaturated fats assist with keeping your joints greased up, keep up with your skin and hair and will even assist you with building muscle and tissue all the more effectively. Likewise, omega 3 and 6 are known to assist with forestalling the beginning of coronary illness.

Amino Acids

Figs contain a mixed drink of amino acids that incorporates leucine. Lysine, valine and arginine. These amino acids are essential for the transportation of blood and supplements and assume a part in chemical discharge. Arginine specifically is thought to assist with expanding testosterone and is thought to assist with vasodilation making it famous with muscle heads and a characteristic method for expanding sexual endurance. Figs are stacked with these strong amino acids making it a characteristic sexual enhancer.(soaking figs overnight)

Different Benefits

Other than making you “more ready” figs have other medical advantages. Their significant degrees of potassium make them incredible for assisting with controlling glucose levels and they are additionally high in calcium making them great for sound bones and muscle. They are likewise loaded with sugar, making for a fast energy nibble in a hurry. Figs are exceptionally wealthy in iron and incredible for forestalling frailty. They are exceptionally basic and help with PH balance.

Indeed, even fig leaves are utilized in home cures and extraordinary for bronchitis, ulcers and clogging.(port soaked figs)

Medical advantages – Pepper and Fig

Pepper is known as a zest, as a vegetable, as an embellishment, as an enhancing specialist and in self security in pepper showers. For the most part utilized in intriguing food varieties, normal use is ground seeds for enlivening the formula. There are many advantages of the seeds and the entire vegetable. The seeds help in directing corrosiveness, clearing up the sinus and widely utilized in controlling normal virus. These are is plentiful in nutrient C and minerals. Cayenne pepper particularly is utilized in a few drugs for its germicide properties. These assistance in halting inward draining and are a home solution for diminishing headache migraine. The seeds is additionally useful in relieving obstruction and are a great solution for sore throat and hack. Its restorative properties have lead to involving pepper as one of the fixings in detailing drugs for fever, migraine, intestinal system contamination and blood purging.

Fig is high in dietary fiber so they can help in advancing sound entrail capacity and they give a lift to the general stomach related framework. These can be eaten entirely alongside its skin and substance. There are a few assortments of figs Mission figs, Calimyrna figs, San Pedro figs and Turkish figs are some of them. These can be eaten crude and straight from the tree or can be dried and frozen. These organic products have a lot of potassium which is vital in fortifying the veins dividers and in circulatory strain guideline. The organic product is high in regular sugars so they give a lot of energy. These can be had in organic product plates of mixed greens with certain nuts and honey. Organic products are wealthy in calcium which fortify your bones and forestalls bone illnesses.

Mr Ajeet K is a wellbeing nutritionist, and throughout the years has even worked in the limit of a nutritionist for a portion of the eminent emergency clinics! He keeps on getting a charge out of concentrating on what food things mean for the body, and presently has made it his main goal to impart such data to other people.(anjeer soaked in water overnight benefits)

Medical advantages of Figs Soaked in Olive Oil

1. Restores Skin

Figs are a rich wellspring of Vitamin C, which helps the creation of collagen. In addition to the fact that collagen helps in working on the versatility of the skin, diminishing indications of maturing, however it additionally keeps the skin sustained for a more brilliant look. Furthermore, the high substance of Vitamin E oil in olive oil helps give your skin a defensive boundary against free revolutionaries and an increase in moment gleam. Accordingly, eating olive oil plunged figs can help reestablish and revive your skin.

2. Further develops Digestion

The blend is a characteristic solution for stomach related issues like IBS (crabby inside disorder) and blockage. The oil plunged natural product is loaded with strands and cancer prevention agents, and along these lines goes about as a compelling remedy for blockage. It likewise works in a flash, and you can get a smooth movement inside two hours of utilization. Another significant update is burn-through no less than three glasses of water toward the beginning of the day for a sound solid discharge. The high dietary strands of the fig joined with olive oil’s diuretic impacts additionally help and helps weight reduction.

3. Treats Infertility

Devoured routinely, figs plunged in olive oil can assist with treating barrenness in all kinds of people. The high substance of iron in figs helps produce solid eggs and helps in ovulation. For men, the blend can assist with creating solid sperm and expands solidarity to forestall erectile brokenness.

Instructions to Prepare Figs in Olive Oil

Forty dried figs
A lot of olive oil


In a glass container, fit and fill your figs.
From that point onward, pour olive oil in addition and fill the container.
Then, close the container and keep in a corner for forty days.
Following forty days, eat an olive oil-splashed fig before each feast for the best outcomes.

Note: The customary formula of the wonder natural product says the dried figs should be plunged in olive oil for forty days; notwithstanding, individuals these days likewise splash the figs for a considerable length of time or a couple of days before utilization.(figs soaked in olive oil benefits)

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